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Genos and Slots I Need to Use

Fri May 11, 2018, 8:44 PM

1) Prairie Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Collared Raven with Gradient and Dun
Elf ears, Short horns
Regular feathers
Diurnal, Omnivore…

1) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Hazel with Pangare and Ringed
Floppy ears, Devil horns
Diurnal, Herbivore…

1) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Pearl with Hood
Small Ears, Devil Horns
Fuzzy Tail
Crepuscular, Omnivore
-1 in 2 Random Stats, -1 in 2 Random Stats…

3) Prairie Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Hazed Amber with Smoke
High ears, Kirin horns
Dynasty feathers
Crepuscular, Omnivore…


Yoru 2318 by Kuku-ri

Which amount: 1
Is inbreeding allowed: Yes
Is user allowed to trade/gift/resell this permission: No
Is user allowed to use this in a split breeding: Yes
Do you wish to be tagged: Yes
Any extra info: Good Luck!…

Didak 3308 by Kuku-ri

Which amount: 1
Is inbreeding allowed: Yep
Is user allowed to trade/gift/resell this permission: Only trade/ gift!
Is user allowed to use this in a split breeding: Yep
Do you wish to be tagged: Yes please!
Any extra info: Good luck! <3…

Sold Kukus!!

Fri Mar 30, 2018, 3:39 AM
Say'ri 1749 x Raijinto 3265

2) Prairie Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Hazel with Tailwind
Papillion ears, Kirin horns
Regular feathers
Diurnal, Omnivore
ATK +1, SPD +2

Sold to DovahCourts-ARPG

Say'ri 1749 x Raijinto 3265

1) Common Kukuri - Male - Healthy
Papillion ears, Short horns
Fuzzy tail
Crepuscular, Carnivore

Sold to FenwaysARPG 

Say'ri 1749 x Raijinto 3265

3) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Crimson with Socks and Dun
Elf ears, Kirin horns
Crepuscular, Omnivore

Sold to Zincwolf-ARPG

2) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Crimson with Dun and Tailwind
Papillion ears, Kirin horns
Diurnal, Omnivore

Sold Aarushii


Thu Mar 22, 2018, 2:23 AM
<da:thumb id="734049676"/><da:thumb id="734049676"/><da:thumb id="734049676"/><da:thumb id="734049676"/>
This person is having a raffle!! you should check it out <3

Wild's Floof Shop! Pap, Silken

Tue Mar 6, 2018, 4:00 PM


Not first come first serve
Please don't make an offer you can't keep
If offering art, tell me how long you will take
If you need more time please tell me before the deadline
I am willing to wait for about a month max for art payments 
Im open to all reasonable offers
To prove you have read the rules comment your favourite food

Payment Methods:
Money (preferred)
Geno trades

Here is what im looking for with in a geno ^^: Kukuri Wishlist 


Common Kukuri's:
Pip 943 x Theo 2718 

2) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Hooded Crimson with Dalmatian
Small ears, Kirin horns
Silken tail
Diurnal, Herbivore

Say'ri 1749 x Raijinto 3265

3) Common Kukuri - Female - Healthy
Papillon ears, Kirin horns
Crepuscular, Omnivore
SPD +1

Prairie Kukuri's:
None available at the moment sorry ^^;

Sold Kukus!!

Kukuri Hunger Games Comic! CLOSED

Sat Mar 3, 2018, 6:16 PM
Hello everyone!

Now as the title reads I am making a kukuri hunger games comic  and I wanted to add some other peoples kukuris into It!

Because this is actually going to have a little bit of story some of the district slots are filled ^^;
Feel free to add your kukus into the districts down below! Anyone is welcome to join!

(Also please keep in mind that none of this is canon)

District 1:
1.  Satsuma 5027 by Kuku-ri
2.  Mandariini 5033 by Kuku-ri

District 2:
1.  Renwick 5031 by Kuku-ri
2.  Azura 4941 by Kuku-ri

District 3:
1.  Morrimoykky 4921 by Kuku-ri
2.  Bongoa 3340 by Kuku-ri

District 4:
1.   Araziel 4778 by Kuku-ri
2.  Maya Ixhu 3775 by Kuku-ri

District 5:
1.  Bone 3276 by Kuku-ri
2.  Nevicata 3573 by Kuku-ri

District 6:
1.   Laki 3685 by Kuku-ri
2.  Almond 2084 by Kuku-ri

District 7:
1.  Oso 3968 by Kuku-ri
2. Venneh 1395 by Kuku-ri

District 8:
1.  Bleu 4735 by Kuku-ri
2.  Deacon 3983 by Kuku-ri

District 9:
1.   Pip 943 by Kuku-ri
2.   Theo 2718 by Kuku-ri

District 10:
1.  Lottie 4502 by Kuku-ri
2. Ross 4916 by Kuku-ri

District 11:
1.  Kalua 2216 by Kuku-ri
2.  Bailey 3218 by Kuku-ri

District 12:
1.  Palla 5055 by Kuku-ri
2.  Rakan 4027 by Kuku-ri

Amazi Empires

Sun Jan 7, 2018, 4:16 PM
Heya! there is a new ARPG  that has just opened up! you ahould go and check out the group !!


LF: Geno

Sat Aug 19, 2017, 9:37 PM
Hey I'm on the hunt for a Geno with these traits.

Hazel, Kirin horns, either Elf or droop ears (preferably droop) muffed ruffle, fuzzy tail, preferably avoiding the koi, piebald, wax, laced, painted and inked marking, but other than that any marking is fine :D

Im willing to offer FP, AR or BTTs for it!

Wildflower's Design Shop! [OPEN!]

Fri Jul 28, 2017, 3:59 AM
Hello! I see you have come across my design shop! :D (Big Grin)  
Make sure you read the rules BEFORE you ask. ^^

~ I will not design your kukuri if you haven't paid ~ 
~  Please be patient as designing kukus takes time ~
~ I will be charging points or FP for each marking that there is on the kukuri ~
~ Each marking will have a different price depending on it's difficulty ~
~ For FP payments you have 1 week to complete 10 FP ~
~ if you really need to, send me a note saying you need a time extension for paying the FP ~
~ If you haven't paid the FP in the amount of time given i will take you off my waiting list and keep the FP you have given already ~   
~ Once all of the slots for the design are filled i will close the shop until they are free again ~
~ Comment or send me a note showing me the geno you want me to design from ~
~ If paying with FP i will send you a note to which kukuri i want the FP for ~
~ Bullet; Blue = not paid    Bullet; Pink = paid/in designing ~


Just offer! I will accept points, AR, FP and BTTs!


To ask me to design your kukuri you will need to fill out a form. You can either comment or sent me a note with the information on the form. Copy and paste this form and give the information needed:

The geno:
Special wishes:

Do you want the PSD-file:
The proof:

A couple of examples of Kukuris I have designed in the past:

 Theo 2718 by Kuku-ri    Kiba 2824 by Kuku-ri 
Raven 3387 by Kuku-ri    Laki by Wildflower-Ivalia
Perosk 3744 by Kuku-ri

~Waiting list~
1. LavaMurphy 3rd Feb

Hey Guys and Welcome to the Commissions page!!
So the prices vary from 50Points to 70Points '
DO NOT send points until i accept your Commission!

Wildflower (Sketch) by Wildflower-Ivalia
Full Body 60Points 
Half Body 50Points 
Outlined (full colour)
Wildflower after a genocide run (Undertale) by Wildflower-Ivalia (Old)

Full body 70Points  
Half body 60Points 

Extra characters are an extra:
Full Body 10Points
Half Body 5Points  
Speedpaints are free ^w^
 Also put the character you want me to draw first!! Also it would help if you put a colour pallet too. ^w^
 I Do NOT take Requests only commission so please don't ask...